David Arandle (TET) A.K.A. The Extraordinary Tourist.

David Arandle (TET)

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Welcome to the home of South Australian Artist, Writer, and Animator, David Arandle, A.K.A. The Extraordinary Tourist or 'TET' for short.

Each of the card tiles below will take you to an external site where I regularly upload content or sell items featuring my art, digital courses and more. Use the menu above if you would like to learn more about me (TET), the services I provide or want to explore my current projects in my online studio.

Featured TET Animations

Bat Storm is a single Dad running a cos-play for parties business by day and fighting crime in the suburbs by night.

Recreation of my original 2D animated Bat Storm feature trailer using 3D characters and sets created with CC3 and iClone7.

Entry into Reallusion's 2021 lip sync competition where I featured Bat Storm in an adaption of a scene from an early 2D animated short.


Art Time Productions is an independent Animation and Content creation studio owned by South Australian Artist, Writer, Animator, Video Producer, David Arandle A.K.A. The Extraordinary Tourist or 'TET' for short.

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