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If youíre in need of a creative type person then consider South Australian Artist and Graphic/Web Designer, The Extraordinary Tourist (TET - a.k.a. David Arandle - thatís me!).

Art Time Productions is the business side of my creative ability. I have worked as a freelance artist/designer since 1995 and have been commissioned to create designs for both local and national businesses and organisations.

More recently I have been focussing on creating and selling my own art which has prompted many enquiries for commissioned artworks. Iím always interested in considering any commission for artwork. If you have something in mind that you would like to collaborate on do not hesitate to contact me.

Whatever you need, for more information on my services, use the menu on the left or click on the headings in the boxes on the right.

tet's art business advice blog

I get a lot of questions from artists just starting out about how to sell their art or earn a living from their art online. Consequently Iíve written many articles and created a few videos about the business of art based upon my own experiences.

Since this web site is the business side of my creativity it seems appropriate that this becomes the home of my Art Business Advice blog.

Iíll be bringing together all of my articles and videos from various places around the internet and posting them into my Art business blog as well as writing new articles too.

If youíre an artist looking for some ideas about how to earn a living online from your art then feel free to browse my blog, leave a comment if you have questions about a particular article or use my Contact form if youíd like information about a topic Iíve yet to cover.


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