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get a professional web site
Art Time Productions offers a basic to intermediate web site design service to help you get started with a professional looking web site.

If all you need is an informational style web site (much like this one) with a few stylish graphics and maybe a contact form then I can design it for you.

If this is your very first web site then I can recommend my basic web site starter package which includes:

  • Up to six unique design concepts to choose from as a basis for your final web site design.
  • Each design includes a header page graphic that features across the top of every page on your site. (e.g. something along the lines of Art Time’s page header graphic above).
  • Initial content layout of each page including cropping and resizing of any photos and other supplied graphics.
  • Uploading to your preferred web host.
  • Total cost: AU$198.00*

Please read my design agreement for further information about commissioning my services. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

* Price is based on an initial quote of six hours work at AU$33.00 per hour.

Web Site Maintenance

I offer a web site maintenance service for all sites created by Art Time Productions. You need never learn how to manage or maintain your own site.

I bill updates in 15 minute increments (one quarter of my hourly rate) and invoice you at the end of each month. There is no limit on the number of updates per month and I won’t bill you for minor updates (at my discretion).

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