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If you have any questions about this guideline agreement please contact me prior to the commencement of your art and design work using my Contact Form.


(Or - The Not Happy, Don't Pay, No Risk Guide to Hiring My Services)

The following guidelines form the basis of any agreement by Art Time Productions/Animation 4 Business to undertake any Logo, Website, Illustration, Pet Art or POD Layout work, character, prop or set design. Please see the Additional guidelines for animation, scripts or copy writing work in the next section.

  1. Animation 4 Business will undertake to complete work to the highest standard and to any specified, reasonable deadline. Should you have any concerns please raise them as soon as possible. Our main goal is to provide good service and artwork that you are proud to show and use for the purpose for which it was created.
  2. Animation 4 Business does not charge for quotes. All quotes remain valid for thirty days after being issued. Quotes older than thirty days will be reviewed and adjusted (if necessary) for your consideration prior to proceeding with any design work.
  3. For all custom art/design work Animation 4 Business will provide three initial, unique design concepts for your consideration. If you see something you like then we will work with you to develop this concept to the finished design. Please feel free to suggest changes or modifications that you would like to see no matter how big or small. Remember that we want you to be completely happy with the end results.
  4. Should none of the first three designs meet your requirements we will endeavor to discuss your needs further to clarify exactly what you’re looking for. We will then produce three more unique concepts for your consideration. If you see something you like then refer to point 3 above.
  5. If after six designs we are still unable to produce something that meets or could be modified to meet your requirements then one of two options will be recommended:

    1. An additional fee of 50% of your original quote (or the equivalent cost of three hours work at our current rate - whichever is less) will be applied to continue to produce a further three, unique design concepts. This fee will apply for each successive group of three concepts produced. We highly recommend that you consider the second option below if after twelve unique concepts you still haven’t seen something you like.

    2. If Animation 4 Business have been unable to produce any concepts that have the potential to suit your requirements then we recommend that you find another animation service. Should you choose to do this then all work carried out thus far will incur no cost to you and we wish you all the best in finding the right service for your needs. We want you to be happy with our efforts even if we have been unsuccessful in understanding your needs.
  6. Should the number of changes and modifications to a project become excessive, to the point where the number of working hours quoted is far less than needed to continue to make changes, we will seek to review the original quote and negotiate additional reasonable payment to cover the extra hours worked.
  7. Animation 4 Business retains ownership of all work until payment has been received. Payment of invoices should be made within fourteen days of receiving our invoice unless otherwise negotiated. Should you have any problems making payment please contact us as soon as possible.
  8. Animation 4 Business does not sell the copying rights associated with its work but grants you an unwritten copyright license to reasonably use the work for its intended purpose (with exception to work intended for mass production and sale for which a separate copyright license agreement must be negotiated). A copyright license agreement, stating how you intend to reproduce/use the work, may be negotiated and purchased for an additional negotiated fee which may include a royalty fee if you intend to mass produce the work for sale.
  9. Animation 4 Business retains an exclusive copyright license on ALL work to reproduce it for the purpose of promoting/showcasing our services (unless an Non Disclosure Agreement has been successfully negotiated) and to be recognized as the creator/co-creator for that work.
  10. Animation 4 Business retains the right to discontinue any work should the client have unreasonable expectations or is unable to renegotiate additional payment for hours worked in excess of the initial quote (should this situation arise). Should we discontinue your project you will not be asked to pay for any work carried out thus far.


  1. From the guidelines above, items 1,2, 6,7,8,9 and 10 still apply. 3,4 and 5 are not relevant to animation, scripts and copy writing projects.
  2. Script and Copy writing work will be undertaken to produce an initial draft copy which can then be further modified and developed in consultation with the client until a final version is agreed upon. Please note points 6 and 10 in the guidelines left as being relevant should the hours worked (due to changes and rewrites) become excessively more than initially quoted for.
  3. In general, for animation work, Animation 4 Business will develop a draft storyboard from a completed script which can then be further modified and developed in consultation with the client until a final version is agreed upon. Again, please note that points 6 and 10 in the guidelines on the left are relevant to all stages of developing an animation.
  4. Character, prop and background designs will be developed in accordance with the storyboard and script. All designs can be modified in consultation with the client and in accordance with whatever is possible within the confines of the animation software being used.
  5. Animations will be developed in accordance with the storyboard. The client is advised to make major changes at the storyboard stage to reduce costs and work time associated with changing finished animations.
  6. Finished animations can be re-edited and modified but this may cause the time quoted to complete the job to be exceeded. If this is likely to be the case the client will be informed and any additional costs will be presented for consideration before the changes are made.
  7. Payment for animation work is expected upon approval of the final animation and before a finished High Quality final cut is made available for the client to download.

Art Time Productions is an independent Animation and Content creation studio owned by South Australian Artist, Writer, Animator, Video Producer, David Arandle A.K.A. The Extraordinary Tourist or 'TET' for short.

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